DLS Information Sheets

DLS Portal Overview

Information Sheets on procedures for cases and hearings

Information on party categories and the applicable fees (PDF 32k) (RTF 500k)

Information on how to review a refusal of financial hardship waiver (PDF 29k) (RTF 1.2Mb)

Information on procedures for Special leave applications after filing (PDF 26k) (RTF 1Mb)

Information on procedures for Removal applications after filing (PDF 23k) (RTF 1.2Mb)

Information on procedures for Constitutional Writs after filing (PDF 19k) (RTF 1.2Mb)

Information on preparing application books for Special leave or Removal applications (PDF 30k) (RTF 1.2Mb)

Information on preparing appeal and other books for matters to be heard by the Full Court  (PDF 36k) (RTF 1.2Mb)

Information on appearing in a Special leave or Removal application (PDF 25k) (RTF 1Mb)

Information on appearing before the Full Court (PDF 23k) (RTF 1Mb)

Information on how to access the Canberra Building for practitioners (PDF 72k) (RTF 1Mb)

Information on the grant of Special leave or referral to an enlarged bench (PDF 38k) (RTF 1Mb)

Commencing a new matter

How to commence a civil special leave application after 1 January 2020 if you are representing yourself   (PDF 27k) (RTF 88k)

How to commence a criminal special leave application after 1 January 2020 if you are representing yourself   (PDF 27k) (RTF 90k)

Information about applications for constitutional or other writs commenced after 1 January 2020 (PDF 21k) (RTF 72k)

Information sheets on how to use DLS

Frequently asked questions (last updated May 2020) (PDF 75k) (RTF 5Mb)

How to lodge an amended initiating document (PDF 70k) (RTF 5.7 Mb)

On-line registration

Register with a simple 3 step process of email verification, registration and approval by the Registry dls.hcourt.gov.au

Public access

Members of the public will also benefit from electronic access to information about cases filed and, upon payment of the prescribed fees, will be able to obtain copies of documents available for inspection.